Mer, rhymes with bear (merriehaskell) wrote in harntastic,
Mer, rhymes with bear

Sebeth's Second Death

Some people aren't born to succeed. It's just unusual that spectacular failure accompanies such tenacity and a will to live.

In fact, it really only makes sense when you attribute it to erratic dice rolls.


Sebeth and Tobin had scouted less than a mile from camp on a wet, windy day. They weren't being particularly quiet, and they weren't having good luck with noticing the world around them. (Next character, I'm going to pay for the "perceptive" edge.)

Stumbling straight into a nest of Tulwyn. Well, not so much a nest. They move around a bit.

Tobin saw them first, and got a shot off before Sebeth could react. Feathered the first barbarian (dropped him?). Sebeth shot the next one square in the chest, but it was a berserker and he kept coming. Sebeth drew and counter-attacked; Sebeth took a light wound, and Tobin shot the barbarian again. This time he went down.

The next barbarian was younger, not berserk, and a little bit canny. Knew to approach Tobin with Sebeth as cover. Sebeth dropped prone to give Tobin a shot. It sort of worked; Tobin did feather him, but it wasn't enough. Sebeth was rolling away, but the barbarian managed to give him a good stabbing all the same.

Sebeth stood up (yay, Sebeth!) and engaged the enemy. Tobin shouted for him to get out of the way; Sebeth managed to attack while getting behind said enemy. Neither of them got a hit on each other, but neither of them broke weapons in the resulting clash, either. The barbarian turned around in order to engage Sebeth. Tobin creased the barbarian's neck with an arrow, and he did flinch. And then, he put a spear through Sebeth's throat. Tobin finished the barbarian off and leapt the stream.

Sebeth managed to maintain consciousness (fantabulous die rolls now of course) long enough to tell Tobin he was sorry.

Tobin pointed out that Sebeth shouldn't talk, and also, he didn't care about the gambling debts.

Sebeth, being mortally injured and all, confessed he was, in fact, a she.

Tobin ignored this and (defaulting to herbalism and rolling like a madman) managed to stabilize her. You know. Stabilize her from death. Tobin shouted for Ilcar--and Ilcar and Daros both came and moved Sebeth back to the shore, and then onto the boat. With Hark's help, Ilcar and Tobin could keep her alive for a while.

The decision was ultimately made to take Sebeth to the Peonians at Aleath, though it was by far not Daros's favorite option.

But I'll let him tell that story, if he's so inclined.


Swear to god, I'm going to start taking better notes. That was largely half-assed as far as recountings go. But, on the other hand, I'm sure I remembered more than Sebeth will.
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